Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama: Change?

I always wondered what would happen if a man ( or woman ) with real integrity and new ideas actually became President of the United States of America. Could such a person ever be elected? Can you really even use the words politician and integrity in the same sentence? I think that President Carter may have fit the description in a plaid polyester sort of way but his administration fizzled like a warm can of Billy Beer. After eight years of the Cheney/Bush administration, a ticket comprised of Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker would have felt like warm, white cotton on the line in a fresh breeze. When the 2008 Presidential run began I fully expected a second Clinton Administration. The thought of Hillary as Commander in Chief does scare me but I would have welcomed her with open arms if it meant that Hitler and Mussolini would be out of the White House and that decider guy with them. I have no doubt that the integrity and new ideas stuff would would be left in some musky Capitol Hill closet when the Clinton's moved back into their old digs on Pennsylvania Ave. There is no way in the world anyone could ever have convinced me that a black man named Barack Hussein Obama would come out of no where and take the reigns of the most powerful nation in the world.

There he was, with a million dollar smile, a wonderful family and an integrity laced new vision for America. After eight long years of hate, mistrust and fear, how could the country not love this man? Barack Obama was well spoken, intelligent, passionate with restraint, good looking, professional, and.... well....Black. I had relocated to the deep south during the latter part of the election and you had better believe that no matter how hard everyone on the campaign trail was trying to be politically correct, Obama's blackness stood out like cleavage at a Baptist convention. Still, here he was, the great whi...I mean black hope. I was immediately overwhelmed by his composure in all situations. Even though he did dance the politicians dance, and with grace I might add, he reeked of integrity and never tried to steal a kiss. Even the massive Clinton Political Machine could not stamp out Obama's embers, and those embers eventually became a wildfire that engulfed our nation. With great strength of character, courage and dignity, Barack Obama walked the razor fine line that is the politicians yellow brick road , and did so with a smile. I am shamed by the fact that the white in me was slow to acknowledge the fact that the black in him must have been instinctively aware of the hate and malice many felt towards him and his family for daring to be black and ambitious. Obama made it easy for us white folk by never, ever showing an ounce of fear. I often look to a mans eyes when attempting to gauge his character. In Obama's eyes I found that look of inner strength and essence of self worth tempered by the empathy required devote ones self to service and move beyond greed's grasp. When Barack Obama and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America quite humanly stumbled through the oath of office during an unquestionably historic inauguration of our 44th President, I knew that this country was about to experience real change and wondered if we were really ready. I also knew I was about to get the closest thing to a real answer to my question that I would in this lifetime. I am as yet unsure whether I like or agree with the kind of change I think I am seeing but I do love watching and listening to the right wing pundits absolutely loose their minds, quite publicly, over our new Presidents plans. The insanity of the pundits is something I can't wait to write about next time. I sincerely hope that you few who read my rants will take a look at my second installment.

All the best to You and Yours.

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