Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Short Letter to The Big Weiner: AKA Michael Savage

Congratulations! You have finally been recognized by the "Mainstream Media." All you had to do was spew enough hate to be blocked from entrance to a civilized country. You had to see this coming. It is never good when a really intelligent person looses his mind. It is possible to be too dam smart for your own good. Your rather large ego has been a real detriment to your well being of late as well. So , they won't allow you into the UK, no big deal. Right? Right now your anger seems to be focused on the fact that your story is under reported. EGO. Most people simply don't know who you are. Yes you have a listenership of millions but they are made up mostly of people on the fringes of society and everyone in this business knows that listenership numbers are grossly inflated for advertising purposes. 25-54 with expendable incomes exists in your dreams and in well oiled sales pitches. You have obviously caught the attention of several governments. Let us look at that.
You once proclaimed yourself to be " To the right of Rush and to the Left of God." Even this statement portrays a love affair with your self that could only bear sour fruit. Armed with the experience of an immigrant upbringing, from the Bronx no less, and a diverse education including a PHD, you took on the world. Your broadcasts were always a little bit "out there" often requiring a disclaimer by the stations carrying your show so as to not be responsible for your radical rantings. When Barack Obama was elected you and the other right wing radio elite simply lost your minds and did so in front of millions of listeners. The Rush Limbaugh ditto cam showed the golden microphone dripping with slobber and food particles as he babbled mush for the masses. It was like you, Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly all ate a batch of bad oysters. Sometime after the inauguration you and the other teabags must have met at a bunker in Montana or via satellite from separate undisclosed locations because you all came out in lockstep, spewing vile and venomous hate filled insults at our new president. The most shocking fact to me was that this strategy worked. Disgruntled Conservatives and racists around the country jumped on the band wagon and ratings went up. For your compatriots this was clearly just a strategy designed to keep up ratings and keep their names in the news. The windbag was briefly taken on by a green President Obama and the President quickly learned that only bad can come from wallowing in the slime with the slimy and was forced to rise above the gutter pundits level. Even baptism in Chicago politics could not have prepared Obama for the low shots he was to receive in the national level, but that's another issue. But you Michael, you really lost it. Your mumbling hate filled rants continued and worsened. I wont quote you because I don't want to perpetuate your filth. Don't act so surprised and insulted that a country such as the UK would not want your hate filled poisonous body to step foot on their soil. The world simply has no room for bigoted hatred of the kind you espouse. I would never want to see the United States shut you up, or down. Censoring you would go against many of the values our country stands for and would lower us all to your level. I hope our government never gives you that pleasure. I do applaud the Brits for their actions. Someone had to get your attention and let you know that your filthy hate mongering has gone too far. I know that this will bring up your ratings and I hope you take the opportunity to become just a little less putrid.
To be fair I have spoken with you on a couple of occasions, years ago when a broadcast group I worked for picked up your show. You were polite and brief. When I started to hear you loose your mind, on air, I called to see if you were OK and if maybe this was really just a ploy. I was not able to contact you. You are a smart man Michael, get your self some help.

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